Zenan USA is the newest company in the Zenan Group of Companies, operating since 1990. We are one of the top 5 largest glass decorators in North America specializing in the beer, liquor, wine and foodservice industries. The Canadian arm of our company has featured on the Profit Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies for the last four years in a row! Zenan ranked 261st in the 25th annual PROFIT 500 Fastest-Growing Companies for 2013.

Zenan Glass brands over 12 million glasses per year in its facilities and specializes in beer glasses, liquor glasses, wine glasses and glassware accessories for the food and beverage industry. This experience has made Zenan the chosen glassware decorators for some of the largest beer, liquor and wine brands in North America.

Zenan is a clear industry leader with the fastest turnaround time and largest on hand inventory. You won’t find anyone that knows more about glass and branding in North America!

Education is important to the team of glassware experts and glassware decorators at Zenan. Zenan works hard to ensure that their clients understand the importance of always having the right glass for each beverage they serve. To ensure this happens, they work with many of their clients to develop and manufacture new glassware designs from concept to final product.  To take their service and education to the next level, they have developed and trademarked Zenan Flavor Discovery. By working with one of Canada’s top beer educators, this unique program educates customers about how to choose beer glasses and how to define and match flavors to the right glass. This program has re-defined how customers view and experience beer and, as a result, benefits the end user.

Featured Glassware

Growler - Amber

Amber Growler 64 oz

Brussels Sampler 458 - 6oz

Brussels Sampler 6 oz

Monaco 0425 - 14oz

Monaco 14 oz

Milan 0448 - 20oz

Milan 20 oz

Evolution 0461 - 20oz

Evolution 20 oz

Football 2233 - 23oz

Football 23 oz

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