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Zenan Glass actively contributes to various charities and causes each year. It is more than just corporate responsibility at Zenan, it is a passion of the owners and the entire team.  Corporate responsibility is a term created to communicate the need for a corporation to operate with minimal impact to the environment and society, and to give back through charity and social contribution. Zenan has been involved with charity through development of schools in Africa, various disaster relief support donations, The World Wildlife Fund and several other causes.  Zenan takes its charitable role seriously, and plans to continue to grow its support as the company grows. Please use the various charitable projects below as incentive to add your own support to these or your own causes.


August, 2016
Zenan Glass Donates $10,000 per month to support the REFUGEE CRISIS IN SYRIA.

With uninterrupted violence and conflict, approximately 6.5 million are internally displaced of whom an estimated 2.8 million are children. According to UNICEF, more than 80 per cent of Syria’s child population have been affected either in Syria or as refugees in neighboring countries.

May 1st, 2015
Zenan Glass Donates $5,000 to the NEPAL REGION EARTHQUAKE FUND.

Zenan has donated $5,000 to the Nepal Region Earthquake fund to help the suffering of the people of Nepal. ‪The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the area in and around the capital city of Kathmandu in Nepal has toppled buildings and destroyed roads and infrastructure. Relief is essential in responding to the needs of the affected children and families.Donate Here
Nepal Region Earthquake Fund

April 10th, 2015
Zenan Glass STEPS UP with $6,000 Donation to the WWF for their 25th Anniversary CN Tower stair climb to save the animals.

Zenan has STEPPED UP and donated $6,000 to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in support of their 25th Anniversary Fundraiser.With a strong belief in the conservation of our worlds resources and wildlife, this was an easy decision. As a company that works very hard to stay GREEN using state of the art green printing technology, donations to organizations like this are equally important.The save the animals climb at the CN Tower is April 25th and 26th 2015. Twitter: ‪#‎CNTowerClimb‬
WWF CN Tower Climb Fundraiser


Togo Africa

Charity: Education Project Togo
Specific Causes: School Building and Support, Community Development and Support, Scholarships
Background:This project originated in Toronto’s Prince of Peace School during World Youth Day 2002 and has evolved as a “partnership” with a number of developing communities in the country of Togo in West Africa. Zenan is especially supportive of the issue of “equal opportunity” for girls and women. 
Project Highlights:

  • Emergency relief funds / ongoing support of pastoral work
  • Shipping containers were sent to Togo with books, food, medical supplies, clothing, tools, computers, sewing machines, bicycles, toys, wheelchairs, etc.
  • A thriving eight-room school for 350 children was built in the community of Keve.
  • An 80,000 litre water cistern was constructed in the community of Keve.
  • Kokou, a 5 year old boy, was brought from Togo to Toronto for life-saving brain surgery and facial reconstruction. A significant contribution was made to the Herbie Fund at the Hospital for Sick Children to assist with medical costs. Mother and child were hosted in Toronto for 8 months and then escorted home to Togo where Kokou is in good health to this day.
  • A three-room primary school and washroom facilities were constructed in Kokou’s village of Avati. Teacher salaries, textbooks, school supplies and repairs at the school were also funded.
  • An irrigation project was completed in Kokou’s village and the village water well was repaired.
  • A demonstration / teaching farm with irrigation was established near the community of Klonou in Western Togo.
  • A micro-finance project was funded to assist families with loans to improve their annual income. Village residents were trained to manage this project.
  • Annual scholarships for tuition, lodging, food and learning materials are being provided to 35 – 40 disadvantaged secondary and post-secondary students.
  • A derelict building on the Keve school site was recently rebuilt and outfitted for: 1) early primary education, 2) community and surrounding area HIV/AIDS education, 3) a community center, and 4) temporary poly-technical school classrooms.
  • Planning is in the final stages for a poly-technical secondary school in the community of Keve to be built by the Government of Togo. Zenan has provided the “partnership financing” for the purchase of 11 hectares of land for the building site.
  • Zenan is exploring the possibility of supporting the establishment of a private post-secondary school to complement the government sponsored poly-technical secondary school initiative in the community of Keve.
Links:*To make a donation, go to the Select the fund your donation will support section of this web page, and then select the Education Project Togo – Prince of Peace fund.Contact: Bob Kalisz
Zenan’s Role: Zenan has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars of the more than ½ million dollars invested in Education Project Togo. Zenan has stood behind these projects for many years and Zenan’s commitment is ongoing.
KokouA photo of Kokou (December 2012) to show the doctors at Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital the results of their heroic surgical efforts in 2006-2007. All that remains of a growth the size of a hardball under Kokou’s left eye is a well-healed scar purposely positioned during surgery in the area of his smile line where it would become inconspicuous ! The reconstruction of the nose is remarkable.
Togo Photos:
Charity: WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
Specific Cause: CN Tower Climb Fundraiser to save the animals
Cause Background: WWF’s work has evolved from saving species and landscapes to addressing the larger global threats and forces that impact them.  Recognizing that the problems facing our planet are increasingly more complex and urgent, we have refined the way in which we work around an ambitious new strategy.
Links:Twitter: @WWFCanada
Twitter: @WWF_At_Work
Twitter: ‪#‎CNTowerClimb‬
Canadian Website: about WWF conservation work here: on where WWF funds go:
* Please note that WWF-Canada is an accredited under the Imagine Canada Standards program.
Zenan’s Role: Zenan donated $6,000 to the WWF for the CN Tower charity climb to save the animals.
Charity: Canadian Red Cross
Specific Causes: Nepal Region Earthquake Fund
Cause Background: The magnitude 7.9 earthquake that struck near Kathmandu, Nepal, has caused widespread devastation and resulted in immediate humanitarian needs for people in the region. Red Cross teams are on the ground providing assistance and Canadians are encouraged to help support the effort.
Links: Donate
Zenan’s Role: Zenan donated $5,000 to the Nepal Region Earthquake fund to help the suffering of the people of Nepal
Uganda Africa
Charity: Uganda Africa Barlonyo School Building Project
Specific Cause: Uganda Africa Barlonyo School Building Project
Cause Background: 2 1/2 years ago, Zenan funded The Barlonyo nursery school in Uganda. Even with the new schools, they were already “bursting at the seams…with older children still taking their lessons under the shade tree”. With a roof already donated, there was need for more money to create a new building.
Zenan’s Role: Zenan stepped up on many occasions without having to think about it for this cause. Zenan looks forward to seeing how their support makes a difference and would like to encourage others to do the same in your own way.
Uganda Photos:
Charity: Snehasadan
Specific Cause: Shelter for over 40,000 children in Mumbai, India
Cause Background: Snehasadan is a non-governmental organization that provides a Home and a future for homeless street children in Mumbai, India. Over the past 49 years Snehasadan has been providing shelter for over 40,000 children. These homes have given them a chance to escape life on the streets, gain access to shelter, education and a future, and above all find a home and a family where before there was none. “Without family nothing else matters, everything from the top to bottom falls apart or descends into chaos… the loss of home leaves a gap that can never be filled.”
Zenan’s Role: Zenan has supported and donated to Snehasadan for many years