Glassware Trends 2015

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2015 Glassware Trends

Stay on trend with the latest glassware trends from Zenan Glass:

If you were looking for Glassware Trends you are in the right place! Zenan has gone to great length to present to you all of the glassware trends for 2015!  The great news is that all of the glassware displayed is available today!What are millennials doing you ask? Hiving! Gone are the days of cocooning, instead, millennials are socializing at home in greater numbers. At home entertaining, has gained momentum with this generation. Easy, and casual, no dusting or cleaning before the guests come over, but instead welcoming friends into your home in it’s natural state.!

The kitchen is the focal point of the gatherings, with hosts wanting to create inspired cocktails and food that will be their signature item. Wanting to be different, and embracing all that is fresh, and organic, quality ingredients, lots of fresh fruit and herbs are abundant in the cocktails. Being social, creating moments of fun and levity in your home. With glassware and dinnerware pieces designed to inspire conversation. Mise en bouches, buffet style ,and   cocktails, are at the forefront of home entertaining

Yarais, bar tools, measuring devices and unique glassware that will help the millennial stand out in the group are hot right now. Farm to table is still dominating the scene but it is moving away from the rustic, backwater look, to a clean, sophisticated, easy modern feel.

Northern Europe’s easy elegance with thin shammed glasses, modern embellishments, and vintage modern that is inspired with classic 20’s are hot right now.

So now that you have some information on glassware trends, take a look at the beautiful glassware products below. Your entire purchase and customization all happens in Canada on-site in Zenan’s local specialized facility. With a wide range of trends to choose from, the team will help you find the perfect glassware trend that suits your taste. Below is a short list of the top trends to help simplify your search, or feel free to view the rest of the website for other glasses you may prefer. If you have a question or want to make a purchase, please fill out one of our forms specifying what you would like, or call us at 416-736-0030. Your request will be responded to within a few hours, so make sure you stay with the experts for your glassware needs!



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