Decorating Options


UVprinting_example1 UV PRINTINGUV printing is a totally green, cost effective and reliable way to decorate your glassware with Zenan. With many benefits such as glass strengthening and dishwasher durability of more than 1000 cycles, UV technology is replacing old methods of printing. Zenan is the only Canadian manufacturer to offer UV printing technology.

OrganicDecals_example1 ORGANIC DECALSZenan has introduced organic decals, which is another saving from the previous processes which traditionally emit a lot of toxins during manufacturing. In the last 4 years Zenan is proud to announce that they have reduced their carbon footprint by over 50% from 2008 onwards.

Pewter_example1 PEWTERSA customized pewter medallion is an extremely personalized way to decorate your beer mugs, shot glasses, liquor glasses and other glassware. Zenan has full flexibility in re-creating your design or logo in pewter and adapting it to fit perfectly on the glassware of your choice.

Etching ETCHINGCreate beautiful customized and personalized designs, messages and monograms on both curved or flat glass surfaces. Zenan uses precision engraving machinery and advanced technology to create consistent quality light or deep engraving with the right translucent effect for a classy look.

One to multi-colour Screen Printing ONE COLOR TO MULTI-COLOUR SCREEN PRINTINGSelect a satin etch for a subtle and economical option, or opt for a full colour reproduction of your brand. Either way, Zenan’s workmanship and quality is always top notch and true to your brand.

base / Foot Printing BASE/FOOT PRINTINGThis specialty printing done on the base or foot of the glassware will provide you with a subtle unique option.

Reverse Printing REVERSE PRINTINGThis new decorating process creates a window into your beer. Pour your ale and your logo will instantly appear in a vivid, unique way.

Precious metal banding PRECIOUS METAL BANDINGFor a premium European look, choose rim banding. Zenan uses only pure platinum or 24K gold to band all of their glassware.

Laser Etching LASER ETCHINGNucleation is a unique decorating idea that is both functional and visually beautiful! This technique accelerates carbonation, making your drink more effervescent, releases aromas and flavors, and promotes head retention! The laser etching creates more “bubbles”, in your beer by circulating the air in the glass. This allows beer to stay fresher longer. Let Zenan laser etch your logo on the bottom of your beer glass for a great new branding idea and a better beer experience. Go ahead and give this one a try for pennies a glass.

Raised Screen Printing RAISED SCREEN PRINTINGThe ultimate in screen printing technology, this “raised” or “bubble” ink technology is screen printing you can actually touch. By using raised inks, Zenan can turn a simple one color logo into a work of art!