For a true whiskey connoisseur, one must drink from the right glass and enjoy the right accompanying products. Zenan has the largest selection of whiskey glassware, and the largest in-house inventory to choose from. Whether it is for personal use, bar, restaurant, hotel, promotion or special events, Zenan’s custom branded glasses will suit every need you may have. Below is a short list of the top selling glasses and products to help simplify your search. If you have a question or want to make a purchase, please fill out our forms under each individual product or call us at 1-844-GO-ZENAN (1-844-46-93626). Your request will be responded to within a few hours.Zenan_NewLandingPage_BestSellers

The Glencairn Glass The Glencairn Glass 6.5oz
Description: 6.5oz Glencairn glass. Item# 355-00-31
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10oz Open Up Warm Whisky Glass Open-Up Warm 10oz Whiskey Glass
Description: 10oz Open-Up Warm glass. Item# U1032
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11.75 Lima Whisky Glass Lima 11.75oz Whiskey Glass
Description: 11.75oz Lima glass. Item# G3367
Price: Contact
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6.75oz Lima Whisky Glass Lima 6.75oz Whiskey Glass
Description: 6.75oz Lima glass. Item# G5133
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Whisky Facts & Info

The 5 Steps to Appreciating Scotch Whiskey……
Is it light gold, bright copper or rich amber in colour?
Does it have a light, medium or full body?
Which aromas do you recognize when you nose your whisky – is it malty, smokey, fruity or chocolatey?
What characteristics do you notice on the palate – is it softly sweet, rich and fruity or peppery and spicy?
Does the flavour remain for a long time or does it disappear quickly?